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 sont til rester amis?

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Localisation : je suis avec sophia bush entrain de chanter lol
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MessageSujet: Re: sont til rester amis?   Sam 5 Avr - 15:27

kenzie dalton est beaucou tro moche joré ptetre compri si il orai pri une bombe mé la il a pri une moche de toute maniére eu deu son moche il von bien enssemble chad il é tro con il na pa de coeur juste apré leur séparation il c directe mi avec cette kenzie la il na pa eu honte pffffffff
bref Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven sophia bush Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven est tro belle I love you
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MessageSujet: Re: sont til rester amis?   Lun 8 Juin - 3:46

Brook'fan a écrit:
Alors si vous savez lire l'anglais tant mieu pour vous mais si vous connaissez quedal ben vous serez obliger d'attendre la traduction lol

In the beginning, you see bubbly Brooke bouncing up and down. Not scripted. In between takes, she was really that excited bc they went to lunch prior to filming and he got her this smoothie that had energy stuff in it and she'd bounce between takes and laugh with him. A few takes they didnt put, you'd see him catch her or slow her down bc she was just excited and happy. One take, he picked her up really high and she let out this really big squeel and he just busted out laughing. And you can see it in her face how excited she was that day bc it's just all over her face.


The funny part is that on that piece of paper, Chad acually got Brian to write "You're so lickable" and other funny things on the paper, and she was trying so hard not to laugh while doing the take. And af ew times when she was trying to get her serious face on, she'd just bust out laughing and he'd be like, "stop it, ya dirty freak!" and she'd throw the pillow beside her at him.

They filmed the following scenes the next day. And the "powerpuff girls flashlight" was really hers that he gave her in Season 1 to walk to her trailers at night bc he didn't want her to trip over anything and hurt herself... she kept it and wanted to use it. [He told that to Bridg while on set.] And him grabbing her was completely unscripted and thats why she jumped a little bc he actually tickled her and you can actually see him turn his head and look out the blinds bc he's laughing. He was suppossed to just play w/the blinds but he actually pauses bc he's laughing and trying to hide it. Also, after she hits him w/the flashlight and goes, "BC you're an ass." on one take he actually tried to attack her w/a kiss but she jerked away and laughed and ran off the stage for a second laughing.
The next scene was filmed about an hour later after their dinner break and she was trying really hard to be serious, so Chad actually started saying things just to piss her off so they wouldn't have to retake it all the time. He'd pick up these little fake peaches and fruits and toss them at her back when she wasn't looking or say the peach looked like her stomach or just stupid little comments to aggrivate and annoy her -- which worked. But when she says "my stupid apron and my stupid pie" you can see her actually giggle bc she picked up one of those fruits he was tossing at her, but she cleaned herself up real quick. Chad almost busted out laughing too, as you can see in his expressions.
Also when she gets up and says "In another letter you wrote... to PEYTON." the 1st take she went to grab her jacket and walk away and she tripped over the leg of the chair and he caught her and they almost both went down to the ground. You can kinda see it, so when she gets up in the take they actually used, she stands up and casually slides the chair back a bit so she won't fall again.

Ahh the rain fight scene. She actually went through some hard times before they shot this. She got a phonecall that told her one of her family members were sick and she was upset bc she couldnt be there bc they were paying so much to get the sprinklers set up and all the money to get that rain going, so she couldn't leave. Getting ready, Chad asked her about it and she said something smart like, "Oh like it matters to you anymore, it's not your family anymore, remember?" and he snapped something like, "It IS my family. You guys are still my family and I care about you guys." and she just started crying and pushed him away from her while she was on set and he walked off for a few and got ready no where near her. [Rumor has it that they got into a little arguement before they got to that location on the phone, and they were both in foul moods. They think he must have said something that hurt her in order for her to have said that to him.] So when they went to shoot these takes, there were a LOT of emotion invovled and you can tell by the way they were acting it out. And you know when he says "I know you're feeling vulnerable right now" and she jerks away from him? Well she got really carried away there and one time, she jerked away and said, "That is NOT why I'm upset right now! You left, don't you get that?! You just f u c king left!" and walked off. It took her about 20 minutes to get back over there just so they could finish the scene. And during another take when she actually got her line right and said, "That is NOT why I'm upset right now, and fyi, I'm not your recycling bin!" Chad actually went completely blank and dropped down to his knees and sat there for a second in the rain. They kept saying Chad, are you going to get up? Are you ok? And he'd just raise his finger and say 1 minute or something. Finally he said "Look we've got to finish this scene, do you think we can just get through this so you can go and rest for a second?" and she said, "You think I want to rest? You think I want to go? No, Chad. Get it through your f u c k ing head. I NEVER wanted to go." She started to cry and he hugged her. At first she jerked away, then she hit his back with her fists, and then she just let him hug her. [BTW it broke my heart to watch this.] Finally the crew pulled them apart, cleaned them up, and they shot the scene. And she even laughed after he called her psyscotic. [I think it was all the build up emotions but she just laughed.]

The next half, in the very beginning, you can see her laughing. Well before they did that take, they were in his trailer together and no one was allowed in there w/them but Brian told me you could hear a LOT of laughing going on from inside there. So when they were on set getting prepped, he'd do something stupid like mess up his hair all wickawacka and act like Jim Carrey or whatever just to make her laugh. And right before they called action, he smacked her ass and said, "Giddy up" and it got her laughing. They flowed pretty easily their dialogue, but guess what? The reasons and kiss were UNSCRIPTED. He was suppossed to just say "BC I miss you when you're away and it breaks up my heart" but the crew told him to wing it and add more, and those reasons were actually about Sophia, not Brooke. The kink in the eyebrow, she does all the time. That Kmu or whoever author was a book she had on set that day and he was making fun of her about it [you can see her smile when he said that one], and he almost messed up bc he didn't quickly think of a 3rd reason, but then he said "miss your parents" part and she seemed sad [i'm guessing bc of the family phone call earlier] and the embarassing speeches were the proposal and the wedding vows that he flubbed through, [although luke gave a lot of embarassing speeches to brooke throughout the show!] , and he was suppossed to say, "But if you need to know why I love you--" and she was suppossed to cut him off and say "You did good." but he added the "I can go on all night" before she got the chance to speak, and you can tell by his facial expressions how truthful he was. And you can tell by her face when she said, "You did pretty good." that she didn't expect him to say that and was trying not to smile too much. And the kiss was unscripted too, as previously mentioned. She was suppossed to just hug him and bury her face into his chest, but she just went for it. You can tell she was a little nervous bc she bit her lip first, but Bridg told me she planned to do that before they shot that scene, but didn't want her to tell anyone bc she was afraid Chad would find out or the director wouldn't let her do it. You can tell she was dying to do that too by the way she kisses him and grabs his shoulders to pull him closer to her and stuff. It was funny bc the crew actually shouted "Yeah!" real loud and made them do it over just so they could get the long shot of it. Chad said, "Shocked the hell out of me, but not that I mind doing it at all!" And she burried her neck into her shoulders looking really scared and said, "You didn't care?" and he rubbed her back and said, "...Of course not." They retook it a few times and the last time they didnt stop right away when they called cut.

The sex scene was not even a part of the script or scene. Chad actually
suggested they do it, and since they were on day 3, the last day of filming, they had to set it up real quick and stuff just to get it in. They didn't have time to plan it, so they made them wear pantyhose type deal to cover up their bottom halfs and go topless. [Yes, Soph too.] She was really nervous and she gets into Brian's camera and says, "The girls keep telling me all these ideas and they're making me nervous and stupid!" And Chad asked what they're suppossed to do and Scott goes, "This is your baby, Chad. Run with it." So they get up on the bed, and Sophia suggested they do it on the bed so that they could see the rain" so the guys were like, "Stay there. dont move" and had to go make it rain outside which took about 15-20 minutes to set up. Chad was like, "Oh we're fine, just naked and cold and in a fake house that's really a warehouse and it's 4 am and did I mention we're naked and wearing old lady's pantyhose?" and Sophia didn't say anything but a few times she scratched his head and he acted like a dog when she did it. They were trying to figure things out and at one point she got to giggling and he just busted and laughing and threw the covers over his head and she just lost it. The guys on set were like, "No porno, get back up here! Don't start that, you're making me horny!"
So they make it rain and told them to just go with it, and Chad said, "Ok just wait a second and we're just gonna make out and when it looks real, just start filming" and they did. I swear to you, it took about 9 seconds to start rolling bc they just freakin went for it. She had her leg wrapped his legs at first but they told her that looked too porno so she took it down, [which you can see in the 1st take] and while they were filming she was just shaking and stuff. They had to stop bc she started crying and stuff and he said, "It's ok, it's just us, just pretend that it's just us" and she buried her face into his neck for a minute and he asked her what he could do to calm her down and she said to kiss her and that's how they shot it. You can see all their emotions and feelings pour out of them on that scene bc it's so real. If you look closely, you can see how her eyes flutter shut bc she was so nervous and emotional and you can see how he's kissing her to comfort her, not to shoot the scene.

Je l'avais deja lu en francias sa fait un bout, mais sa metonnerias que sa soit vrai...Tk, je sias suelement qu'ils sont rester amis après leur séparation ( pour rpeondre a la question du topic xD
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sont til rester amis?
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